Goodness only knows what you’re doing here…

This is the online portfolio of me; Benjamin Joseph Hayes.

I have a BSc in Games Design, and this is where you can find the miscellanea that I produced both as part of the course and for my own amusement. Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting, amusing, or otherwise appealing. Recently, I just finished a contract as a QA tester for Codemasters Software, working on F1 2011, and now I’m searching for employment again.

If you’d like to know a little more about me, my CV can be found through the sidebar on the right, but here are three (debatably) interesting and entirely irrelevant facts:

~ My favourite tea is Assam.

~ I once spent a fortnight persuading robins to eat from my hand.

~ I can limbo under a three-foot bar.

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