Guest Lecture: Codemasters

Codemasters’ advice on finding a place in the industry was fairly similar to that given by Sony, though a bit less staid.

Make your CV attention grabbing and eye catching – human resources people read dozens every day, so standing out will help you. Don’t be obnoxious though: no 25pt Comic Sans. You should ensure that your CV shows your relevant experience and demonstrates your ability. Mention your outside interests, but don’t waffle about them – no-one cares what your favourite book is.

Make sure you sell yourself; send a professional looking cover letter, making sure it bears the name of the person who’ll read it. Half a page is the best size.

Your portfolio should be easy to access, and should ideally include demos, documents and videos. Once again, sell yourself. Try and think outside the box with its design: make the presentation eye-catching.

Once you get to an interview, make sure you are prepared. Know the company well – play their games before the interview so you can talk knowledgably about their previous work. Be passionate and enthusiastic, and sell yourself. Be prepared to be tested. Make sure that you have prepared any questions you wish to ask the interviewer – you want to ensure the job is right for you just as much as they want to know you’re right for the job.

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