Guest Lecture: Sony

The advice on getting a job in the industry given by the representatives from Sony was fairly straightforward. The very first thing they mentioned was that it’s important to have a passion for games, but they then went on to give more detailed advice.

It’s good to apply directly to companies, rather than relying on agencies – however, agencies can be useful, if you are very careful to prevent them from simply throwing your CV at every company with a job opening. Another good way of getting your foot in the door is to use personal contacts you may have made – Sony in particular have an ‘Introduce A Friend’ program, offering their staff cash incentives for headhunting promising prospective employees.

When applying, be clear what you want, and know what is expected of the position. Write a cover letter of no more than one page, and a CV of at most two or three sides. Once again: be truthful. Your CV should include a profile of yourself (consisting of perhaps a couple of sentences), a list of your key skills and prior work experience, and the details of your prior education. You should also mention any other relevant information, such as volunteer work, membership in any societies or organisations connected to the industry, and any awards you may have recieved. Tailor your CV to the role – don’t apply with a generalised one, appear enthusiastic about the specific job you’re going for.

If you should successfully land an interview, expect several varieties of questions. Firstly, technical and industry questions to gauge how well you know the field. Then, competency and hypothetical questions intended to establish how well you’ll be able to cope with the work. Ensure that you seem passionate and enthusiastic about the job. Make sure you have done your homework, so that you can answer anything they ask you specific to their company, and make sure you remember the contents of your CV. Bring a second copy, in case they don’t have theirs to hand.

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